Silver Garter

SILVER GARTER was originally found in Northern New York and was acquired early summer of 2003. Silver/slate gray in coloration (the belly too) with black spots intermittent throughout the body and ruby red eyes, this is truly a one of a kind morph. We successfully bred double het (axanthic x silver) to double het (axanthic x silver) in 2007 and produced 4 silver babies, all of which were males. One passed away shortly after birth, the other 3 are doing very well and we expect to have silvers available in 2008. 2011 Update, after 3 years of successful breedings, the gender ratios on silvers are very high male, with female silvers very rarely produced (2 to date, of which unfortunately none have survived to adulthood). It appears that this trait is a gender related morph, which on rare occasion occurs in the animal kingdom.

Silvers - $375

66% Het Silvers

Males $65  

Females $150

50% Het males (outcrossed) $50

50% Hets females (outcrossed) $125



Silver Garter
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