Red Plains

Acquired from Ian Campbell in 2008, the female pictured below is the reddest plains garter I have ever owned. This female is borderline fire engine red whereas most red plains are more maroonish in color. Genetically the Plain's red color is co-dominant in nature. This means that when a red plains is bred to any other plains (normal or morph, doesn't matter), a portion of the babies (usually close to 50%) will end up being red. This being said, they are normal in color at birth and after about 4-5 months old, only then do they begin to show coloration (much like the pugets and Florida blue stripes).

In 2009, the female pictured below was bred to Nebraska albino. The idea with this cross was to create a Nebraska albino with a lot of red pigmentation intermixed, which is sure to be a gorgeous snake. The same cross will be done in 2010, babies will be double het for high red and Nebraska albino. Will also be breeding a Nebraska albino male to a double het Nebraska albino x high red female which could produce a reddish albino.This cross has been proven out and the results are AMAZING !!

Babies from high red plains at birth $50

Plains showing red $95



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