Hybino Plains Garter

HYBINO PLAINS - The outrageous red hypo pictured bottom left was originally found in Illinois and was bred to an Iowa albino plains. The resulting double het offspring

were then bred back to one another to create the first hybino garter snake. Top right pic is the adult hybino female, she is almost 4 feet long, one of the biggest garters

ever in the collection. She has bred once, back in 2008 after several years of unsuccessful attempts. We will try again this year by breeding a number of males to her to

hopefully encourage her to breed successfully again.Update, our hybino female successfully bred in 2010, she was bred to numerous males so not 100% sure who the father was but all the babies are 100% het hybino. Am very hopeful this year to produce the world's second (and hopefully more) hybino & red hypomelanistics, which to date the red hypos have yet to be produced. UPDATE: unfortunately the hybino pictured below has passed away however we have a group of hets and are hopeful to carry on this morph's lineage in 2012. Interesting side note is that this female was probably the largest garter we've ever had in the collection, she topped out at just under 4 feet long, gigantic by garter standards !

Hybinos $195 each

66% Het hybinos

Males $40

Females $75

Red Hypos ? (Price to be determined upon their birth)

Hybino Plains Garter Hybino Plains Garter



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