Albino Plains Garter

ALBINO PLAINS, We are working with 3 albino strains, one from Iowa, one from Illinois (the Iowa and Illinois strains (surprisingly) are compatible with one another) and the third is from Nebraska. The Illinois strain was acquired from Mark Rouw back in the mid 90's, the Iowa strain was found by Eric Beal in 2001 and the Nebraska strain was acquired from Dan Fogell back in the mid 90's. The Nebraska strain is not compatible with either the Illinois or Iowa strains. Interesting story on proving out the compatibility of the Iowa/Illinois strains...When we acquired the male Iowa albino we bred it to a female double het snow (Illinois albino x anerythristic). With this cross, we thought that the babies would turn out as hets for the Iowa strain...but we were very surprised when the female produced albinos and hets....proving out that they were actually compatible. Some of these babies went on to create the Christmas and Super Christmas albinos.

Albino $75
Hets $35
Possible Hets $30

Albino Plains Garter
Albino Plains Garter



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