Normal Wandering

NORMAL WANDERING, is a snake of considerable color variation, from gray to brown to brownish green depending on the locality where they are found. The dorsal stripe is well defined and black spots are intermittent throughout the body. As adults, females average 25-30", males average 12-16". Baby wanderings are typically larger in size than most species of garters, averaging anywhere from 6-8" long. They have a vast range in the western US, from western portions of South Dakota, Oklahoma and Nebraska west to central California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington and northward into British Columbia. In the wild they feed upon lizards, snakes, fish, frogs, salamanders, worms, leeches, rodents and birds. Our stock (Thank you Michael Smith and Don Belnap) feeds aggressively on a rodent diet. As of 2012, we are no longer working with this species.

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Normal Wandering Garter
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