What is a HET?

What does the word "het" mean? Het is short for the genetic term, heterozygous. Heterozygous means a gene carrier for a specific genetic trait. Here are some examples of heterozygous crosses:

1) Albino x normal = Guaranteed 100% het albinos

2) 100% het x 100% het statistically produces:

25% albinos 50% hets 25% normals

There is no way to differentiate between normals and hets due to they appear identical, so these babies are called 66% Possible hets.

3) 100% het x normal statistically produces:

50% normals and 50% hets. These are known as 50% Possible hets

4) Albino x anerythristic produces double hets which in turn, when bred to one another, statistically will produce:

1 snow, 3 albinos (66% possible het anerythristic), 3 anerythristics (66% possible het for albino) and 9 possible double het for snow

The snow is 100% het for albino and anerythristic so if a snow is bred to an albino it will produce albinos that are 100% het for snow.

Please note that I have used the word "statistically" where appropriate due to the ratios can (and will) vary in real life breedings.

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