Florida Garter

FLORIDA GARTERS have a very distinctive appearance and vary in their coloration, even within the same broods. Colors range from lime green to navy to turquoise blue. Large and robust as adults by Thamnophis standards, Florida females averages 36-40" (reports of 4 foot plus), males average 18-22". Females can be heavy bodied as well, the largest garter we ever owned was a 500 gram, 44"  female Florida eastern. They are found throughout the entire state of Florida and shouldn't be confused with the true blue Florida blue striped garter (thamnophis similis). Florida easterns can be as blue, if not bluer than similis and are often confused with one another. In the wild they feed upon frogs, toads, tadpoles, fish, worms, salamanders carrion and rodents (rats and mice). In captivity they fare well on feeder fish, worms and/or rodents (see care sheet).

*Please note that at birth all Florida babies look, more or less, identical. We do not know which color phase they will turn out to be as adults.

$25 each
2 for $40



Florida Blue Garter
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