Blue Red Sided Garter

This unusual anomoly was found in Iowa in 2007. A milk snake breeder contacted me and he had

several gravid females which all dropped babies about the same time. This snake was produced

in a large litter (along with the Iowa albino red sided in another litter). There were 2 produced

however one passed away shortly after birth. The name for this genetic trait is unknown but suspect

it may be axanthic. It has been proven out recessive and in 2014 this bloodline was bred to an

anerythristic, albino & snow female.The anerythristic was the only one to produce offspring. These

babies have been held back as future breeders for the collection. This morph really shows its

unique coloration when in shed.

Price: $175

                  Blue Red Sided Adult Male                                                   Blue Red Sided Baby

             Normal red sided for comparison  



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