Paradox Leucistic Eastern Garter

PARADOX LEUCISTIC EASTERN GARTER was acquired from Shawn Noble, this snake is truly one of a kind and the pride of the collection. Pure white with dark blue eyes and black spots intermittent throughout the body (paradox trait), this is a truly spectacular morph. We bred the original female to a flame so all of our adult hets are flames that are 100% het for leucistic. UPDATE: In 2007 we produced seemingly "normal" leucistics however as they matured, some gained varying amounts of orange coloration. It seems that the flame trait leached into the leucistic morph, which was something we hadn't even conceived of with the original pairing. One male turned out to be a neon orange color (bottom right pic). This pic does not do the snake justice, it's hard to capture the true brightness of the orange coloration on film.

Leucistics $450 each

Flames 66% Het Leucistic $225 each

66% Het Leucistic $125 each


* Prices are based on color


Paradox Leucistic Eastern Garter
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